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What We Do

Python Tutoring: Professionals

One-on-one Python Education and fundamentals for professionals who want to learn to code using python. Geared toward professionals who want to know about python and understand the fundamentals of the language but are not developers. Focus on data analytics and visualization.

Curriculum can be tailored to specific needs.

Python Tutoring: Students

One-on-one Python Tutoring for students who haven’t yet been able to take formal coursework in Python but want to know the fundamentals ahead of full-time employment or summer internships. Geared toward students looking to differentiate themselves with skills in python coding ahead of application process or ahead of employment.

Standard curriculum with Libraries covered: Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn

Python Training and Projects

If you are looking to upskill your team we can devise a bespoke curriculum to help innovate and drive efficiencies using python. Each engagement is specific to the needs of your organization. In addition we offer ad-hoc project work to help in reporting, data analysis and visualization and automation of certain processes in the data space.

Python Training for Students though Educational Career Centers

We offer group sessions to teach to python to students who have yet to take any courses in the material with a focus on the skills needed in python through Career Centers. Courses can be taught digitally or in person. Career Centers can tailor the material to the desired skillset for the students at their institution.

Who We Serve


If you are a working professional with 10 or more years of experience chances are you didn’t need python coding skills. However, as the business world becomes more technology focused and data dependent, data fluency (python skills) are becoming increasingly vital for success.


If you are student who has yet to take any classes in the subject we are a great place to start. We have experience training new hires at several international companies and will give you the skills in python you need to succeed.


While we have experience across multiple areas our focus is small medium and new businesses that may need training or project work in this space. Python Coding can automate manual tasks and save valuable time to focus on other areas of your business.

Educational Institutional Career Offices

Python is a becoming an important skill required by many industries, many of which are not traditional technology companies. We can provide training for your students to help them develop python coding skills for success in their internships and ahead of full time employment after graduation.